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Is anyone here familiar with either The Bird Guru or Featherbed Resort for Birds, both in Metrowest Massachusetts? Or does anyone have other recommendations for boarders in Eastetn MA? I've recently moved to the Boston area and I'm looking for a place to board Kappa when I travel. These both sound really similar: a bunch of cages near each other, time out of the cage for each bird, feed a veggie mix, full spectrum lighting, require a vet health certificate but not specific tests (e.g., no chlamydia test required), same price.

And below the cut, a few pictures of Kappa in the process of moving. :) Pictures herein )
I’m looking for a free web or program service that’ll let me make a timeline. I will want a simple image out of it in the end, not a fancy interactive thing. Anyone got suggestions?

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I have a theory about blood moons. Would you be so kind as to fill out this poll about tonight's? Put anything else you want to say (or share pics) in the comments. :)

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I have a bunch of files in Google Drive which can be characterized by two separate parameters, and I want to be able to sort/group/folder/whatever on each of the two parameters. Right now the files are named things like A-X, A-Y, B-X, B-Y, C-X, C-Y, etc., and if I sort them alphabetically I can get a list ordered as:


I want to ALSO be able to sort them so I get a list like:


This doesn't need to be as file names, it could be in folders (e.g., one folder for Xs and one for Ys, but then I want to be able to swap to viewing a folder for the As, a folder for the Bs, and a folder for the Cs) or tags (or maybe it'd have to be nested tags: Parameter1/A, Parameter1/B, etc.). Right now I only have 16 of these files, but I anticipate having 100-200 in the end.

Does Mavericks actually have a tagging system that would let me do this? I haven't upgraded to Mavericks yet b/c I don't like changing OSs during the semester, but if it did I'd gladly set up Google Drive to synch with my computer and start tagging in Mavericks.

Anyone have a different solution for me that can do what I want?

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Feb. 10th, 2014 10:09 am
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Like any good researcher, when I noticed students responding a certain way to a free response question, I tried to tabulate what they all said, and turned it into multiple choice. Basically, the students were trying to describe why we don't have solar and lunar eclipses every month. The drawings below are based on the word descriptions from the students. And I wanna know what you think: which picture is the main reason why we don't have solar and lunar eclipses every month?

Descriptions in words:
A) "The Moon is in a different plane."
B) "The Moon's axis is tilted."
c) "The Moon goes above and below."
D) "The Moon's orbit isn't a perfect circle."
E) "The Moon's orbit is tilted."

2014-02-10 09.40.21

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A friend of mine is starting a job in Camberville (MA) in February and is looking for a place to live, preferably with roommates. While I haven't lived with her myself, she cleans her apartments up nice for having guests over and decorates well with pretty photos. She's in science journalism, last I knew she had no pets, age mid-20s, okay with roommies with pets, any sex/gender, not into the same sorta geeky things as me but c'mon, science journalism, she's got her own geekiness to her including science, philosophy, and world travel, she's got a long-distance boyfriend so you're not going to come home to loud sex every night of the week, she's outgoing but isn't going to be pushy and in your face when you need quiet time.

Anyone looking for a roommie? If so, comment below with contact info I can give her, or email me at zandperl-AT-gmail or my real name email's great too.

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So I'm managing a Facebook group and a Twitter page. I've linked them on FB. When I make a new post on FB it ports it over to Tw. Unless I set it up as a timed futurepost, then it doesn't port over to Tw. Why, and how do I fix it?

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Jun. 11th, 2013 10:49 pm
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My students this semester found this question more challenging than they usually do. It's small number statistics and all, but I'm curious what y'all think. Please answer before viewing other people's answers, and if you care to explain your reasoning in the comments, I'd love to see.

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Aug. 15th, 2011 04:43 pm
To settle a debate, I'd appreciate it if people would answer the following questions WITHOUT looking up the answers.

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Anybody use a plastic mattress cover to protect it from stains and/or keep in/out allergens? I'm thinking about giving one a shot for my allergies, so ideally I'd want one that's air tight. I worry that they sound/feel all crinkly and plasticky.

iPad Apps

Jul. 17th, 2011 02:40 pm
I was asked about iPad apps. If my iPad (and computer backup) were wiped today, these are the ones I'd be sure to get again. In the games category, I've only included the ones that seem to be standing the test of time. What apps do you feel are essential?

- Neu.annotate (free) - PDF reader that lets you jot notes in the margins
- Wikipanion (free) - Wikipedia access in a prettier view, but can't edit and can only see one page at a time
- NASA (free) - lets you see the APOD, mission info, and lots more
- Exoplanet (free) - stats on each new exoplanet discovered
- Wolfram Alpha (paid)
- Show Me (free) - minimalist screen casting 
- Skype (free)
- PCalc Lite (free) - scientific calculator
- Dropbox (free) - lets you share documents across multiple computers

- Twitter (free) or Tweetdeck (free) - Tweetdeck is better for multiple account support, but some installs are buggy

- Words with friends (free or paid) - scrabble, I'm Zandperl of course
- Enjoy Sudoku (paid) or :) sudoku (free) - (icon is the Thinker statue) - great interface for solving sudokus, and hints to help you improve

- Accuweather (free)
I'm going to China with my mother this summer for 3 weeks, and my mother informed me that I can't drink the tap water. We will be staying in hotels (4 stars mostly), but traveling both in urban and rural areas. So if there are any environmentally friendly frugal jet-setters reading this,

* Is that true that I can't drink the tap water?
* Should I just buy water everywhere?
* What about some sort of filtration/sterilization for tap water instead?
Does anyone have a source for cow stickers? Amazon seems to only have third party vendors, and the best I could find on Oriental Trading were mixed barnyard animals. I want cows. Only cows.
Apparently the Tea Party supports Governor Walker's union busting. I don't get this at all. I thought the Tea Party was a conservative libertarian group. Shouldn't they resent the government interfering with and attempting to regulate how workers interact with employers? Or is their fiscal conservatism trumping their libertarianism?
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I'm looking for a source for feminist / girl power T-shirts. My intent is to get a few that I can wear to geeky events (PAX East in March in particular). I want to send messages such as "take me seriously regardless of my gender," "I'm an ally to the other women here," or "don't marginalize women in this field, we're here spending money too." I do not want to send messages like "women are better than men," "I want to rip off your balls," or "woe is me, I'm downtrodden." I will not buy iron-on quality (no CafePress). Bonus points for clever phrases, well-designed graphics, environmentally friendly, small businesses, and/or union/fair trade labor. I am willing to pay more for clever phrases and well-designed graphics.

Hook me up, folks! :)

Edit: Here's a couple links so I don't lose them.
This is what a feminist looks like (Pink text on black)
Thinkgeek wishlist
One of my team members for the MIT Mystery Hunt this weekend was planning to fly from DC to Boston tomorrow, but, ya know, snow. They've already told her her flight is cancelled. She trying to rebook to Thurs, but if it's not possible, she'll be looking for either advice on how to get to Boston in such weather, and/or a carpool.

Anyone doing DC to Boston for the Hunt, Arisia, or other purposes this weekend? If not, what would be your preferred method to travel up the East coast just after a blizzard?


Jul. 15th, 2010 09:37 am
What should I do in Colorado for the next week? I'm flying in to Denver, but I think I'm staying in Boulder.
I ended up going with an membership, since for the first three months it ends up being $8 per audiobook, and something like $15 afterwards (audiobooks are usually $30-$60). So for my next book I'm now deciding between "Seventh Son" by Orson Scott Card (Sci/Fan), and "The Planets" by Dava Sobel (she's usually a science historian, but this one has dashes of personal stories and philosophy and other strange things).

I may have read Seventh Son, or other books in the series, but I forget, and I don't think I did do this one, so I want to start (restart?) the series from the beginning. I like other Card, though his politicky ones I like less. I've never read non-Sci/Fan audiobooks before, and this one of Sobel's is supposed to be unusual for her, but I liked "Longitude" and loved "Galileo's Daughter."

Which do you think I should get next?



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