I hate how stress causes skin flare-ups for me. (I have hidradenitis suppurativa if you've missed the other PSAs.)

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(BTW, despite recent posts, I am not home until tomorrow.)

Last week Thursday, I had a very unnerving dream.

My mother and I were at a department store like Macy's or JC Penny's, shopping for kimonos. I was looking at a nice dark blue one with a white pattern, and a cream/white one with a red flower pattern, when a flamingo charged out from behind the rack and started attacking us. Its beak (which looked more like a spoonbill) and claws were sharp, so we started running from it, but the bird was quickly joined by others, all chasing us. The bright pink hue of the flamingos bordered on blood red, and their cries chilled us to the bone. It was so terrible that I managed to force myself awake.

I lay in bed for a couple minutes, catching my breath, reviewing the bizarre and terrifying image of flamingos chasing me, my hair stirring gently as a beak pecked at my head, and then claws began scratching at my neck, and I turned over in dread to find that my pillow was a flamingo!

And then I really woke up.

And carefully checked that my pillow was NOT a flamingo.
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I had a dream that was long and winding, just like reality. The part that I remember though I had a device akin to the iPod Touch, with WiFi and a browser, but also a word processor, and I was doing all my work on it. It was a bit small though so I made it bigger via the finger-gestures thing that the iPod Touch can do. I went a lot of places including my parents' in NYC, and I always either had the gadget with me, or else kept remembering where I'd left it. I wish I really had one so I could do work anywhere.


Nov. 22nd, 2007 10:14 am
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I had a new second cockatiel, a male wild-type, and after I set him up with quarantine I went back to Gabe only to discover that her legs were so puffy and swollen she couldn't step up or perch appropriately. Since it was the day before Thanksgiving, my Mom didn't want me to waste family time going to the vet, but I insisted on at least calling. The vet told me it sounded like something he'd recently learned about, and there wasn't any treatment available, but if she survived the next couple days there was something we could try. Of course I cried and ranted at the vet a lot. When I woke I realized that what we'd described was most like an actual condition called scaly leg caused by mites. Ick. And of course I researched it a bit. Ick. But it is treatable.


Aug. 6th, 2007 08:23 am
I dreamed about parrots. Lots and lots of parrots. And baby parrots. They were crosbreeds between a scarlet macaw, and some sort of yellow Macaw.


Apr. 14th, 2007 08:04 pm
I dreamed that I'd found a bright green smallish parrot, around green-cheeked conure sized, but whole body was green. Lots of pinfeathers coming in too. I played with her for a while, and was trying to figure out what type of conure she was. For a while I thought she was one of the cherry-headed conures that Mickaboo rescues lots of, then her head started turning orange and I thought she was a sun conure. There was another woman, a blonde in a button-down yellow/pink vertically striped shirt, who worked for a rescue who was trying to help me with the bird. We discovered that anytime we said "friend," the bird would roll over on its back. It was so cute! :) And not loud - guess that's how I knew it was a dream. :-P


Apr. 3rd, 2007 09:09 am
I was some sort of military/mercenary/assassin on a battlefield in the middle of a busy tourist beach. My handgun wasn't doing much against the enemy tower, but it drew their attention, so as my dad and I assembled a rocket launcher, an enemy soldier came out with his. Hers. She shot it at us before we'd finished assembling ours, so we ran down the beach. We realized it was following us - it must've been heat seeking, and *we* were the target, not our fortifications that we were running from. We threw ourselves to the ground and it hit the beach near us. Thankfully not any civillians. I crawled over to the enemy soldier and begged her, crying, not to keep shooting at civillians. She said that her orders said she could. She was also some sorta mercenary. She said the only way I could stop civillians dying was if I killed a high ranking general, a kinda Cheney/Rumsfield sorta person. I think he was on my side, but I wasn't sure. One of my compatriots told me a lot about how bad a person he was, but since I was still an assassin-in-training I wasn't sure I could do it. I had great potential, if I managed to live through this, and I started to tell the other woman so when she hushed me so we could watch the Bushes hugging. She said this was the last time we'd see them do this, as Sr. was going to go senile soon.

Alarm woke me.


There was more dream before it. Something at a car repair shop, I was trying to find something inside my car, so I had to find my car first, but there was a scrapyard/yardsale on the side of the building also run by a mechanics, they gave me a bike and found a couple locks I'd have to pay for. He was trying to convince me they were high quality locks. I kept rummaging and found a few boxes of dominoes. I was thinking about calling Dad and telling him about them since he was talking about drilling holes in mahjong tiles and selling them on Etsy.


Dagmar (freshman roommate) wanted to come to my house which was my parents' house to cook one day this week. But I'd already told someone else (I forget her name, she was one of Dagmar's friends) that she could come two different other nights, so I wasn't sure when Dagmar could come. Dagmar said it was b/c she was going to see a Mets game, and she wanted to bring all the other people. I wasn't sure my parents would go for that.

I woke up for the first time.


Mar. 28th, 2007 07:41 am
I'm not sure whether it was that my father was Dr. Who, or that Dr. Who was my father, but we were in a spaceship that was also a resort planet. We and someone else, maybe Rose Tyler were looking for something, and to do this we got on the Elevator to look for the Apartments. Dr. Who hung his whole body outside the elevator to prove to an old lady inside it that we weren't really in space. Then it was a PVTA bus and we were going up a hiking trail that isn't actually by Alfred University but always is in my dreams. When we got to the hotel at the top (which's also next to the GWB), I tried to point out where the lake along the hiking trail was. Dr. Who had narrowed down the location of our hotel room to one of two rooms, and split us into two search parties: Rose Tyler and two others, and myself and him. Rose forgot her guitar so I ran after her, and then found that three of the latches on my own guitar case had come off.

Gabe stirring woke me.


Feb. 22nd, 2007 07:30 am
As I went through the checkout line at the grocery store, the cashier took each of the live chickens in turn, flipped it on its back, and ran it across the scanner. You see, farmers had started microchipping them all, and the cashier was scanning the microchip, which I guess included things like weight and price.

There's a little vignette in my head of a hand holding a white chicken's belly and rubbing her past the scanner, her feet curled up as she cocks her head around to watch her price on the screen.


Jan. 19th, 2007 11:38 am
I dreamed that Gabe let me scratch him.

In reality, he's kinda stupid - if I towel him, including covering his eyes, he'll let me start scratching him. Half the time, as long as he doesn't see my fingers he'll enjoy it, but as soon as he sees them he'll snap at me and hiss. The other half even if he sees my fingers he lets me keep doing it until I hit a pin feather wrong, and then he'll snap and hiss. Once he's snapped and hissed, I have to cover his eyes again to get him to let me start again. Repeat.


Dec. 20th, 2006 09:08 am
Man, they're getting more and more complex. I think it's the sleep deprivation.

We had to hide from the soldiers. This wasn't the first part of the dream, but it was the first part I remember. Our group in the small room included JY, SW, a few other unidentified friends, and Charles C (one of my high school friends whom I immediately lost touch with coming out of high school, and whose last name I won't mention because shockingly he's the first few hits on Google). We were all very quiet, and I peeked under the door at their boots. I held up two fingers indicating there were only two of them. Someone sniffled and they turned to us, and I saw that there were really four, and held up four fingers. I frantically waved everyone to be quiet, and they got distracted by a sound down the hall - our other friends were hiding there, but there was nothing we could do about it. The soldiers started to leave, and we considered making a break for it. Charles and one of the others were having sex in the closet, but quietly.

The soldiers came back, more of them, I counted at least 20 and was indicating this by flashing my hand between "two" and "zero". They had some sort of seige engine and were backing its ramp over/through the door to our room. We all scuttled under the ramp as it unfolded. I told everyone else to get out scissors, they were confused, and I said "hamstring them." We couldn't do much else to fight back. The person next to me (looked like a student this semester) whipped out a Swiss Army knife, and when I said "hamstring" switched to a better blade.

Lots of children were killed in the fight, kinda like Les Miserables, but I do not remember it. We were dragged as prisoners down the hall by guards. My captor was Melique (pronounced "muh-LEEK"), a fictional high school classmate from the finishing school I didn't go to. She was a princess of a different nation, and her father was conquering mine. I wanted to escape, but I no longer had a nation to go back to, so I simply performed minor disobediences. We were in The Mall and I kept looking for a bathroom, and trying to evade Melique. She was hurt, asking weren't we still friends. No, not after she killed my friends and the children of my nation. I didn't want to fly, didn't want to tip my hand about my wings too soon, so I didn't.

I managed to get into an elevator ahead of her and she shoved her boot into the door, thinking I'd pop the door open so she didn't get hurt. I didn't, and the elevator started going up. I saw her boot travel with us, past the level of the next floor. When the door opened the (presumably empty) boot fell out onto the next floor. I didn't have much reason to escape, so I wasn't running fast. I put the boot down on the stool I'd accidentally taken with me, and wanted to leave it, but I was worried that someone would take them. So I cast a minor spell of protection or a shield so that only Melique could penetrate it and get the shoe and stool. (Well, people without magic couldn't penetrate it, but it was a simple one and people with magic could easily do so, but for them it was like leaving a note saying whose it was. I was thinking along the lines of locks in the Vlad Taltos HQ.)

I walked on, not looking behind. Ahead were [livejournal.com profile] tacotortoise and some others doing some sort of synchronized DDR for exercise on a raised platform (still in The Mall). He peeled off the group to come talk to me, asked how Melique was doing. "How could we still be friends after she killed my countrymen and children?!" "Oh, so that's their story." He expressed surprise at Melique's and her father's modus operandi, not sure if it was that they didn't used to be conquering sorts, or they were so secretive the stories of the deaths never made it out.

I woke.


Dec. 19th, 2006 10:08 am
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Very complex one again. My Dad and I were trying to get into a museum? The Rotary was outside it, connected to The Boulevard. (I didn't realize there were street sets in my dreamscape.) We had to get on a subway, but the subway wasn't stopping at that station. In fact, it was passing through the passengers standing on the platform. Some of them were slightly injured in the process. My Dad couldn't fly so I flew to the next station, it was The Elevated Station. No tangible trains there either, though someone had gotten third degree burns by one passing through her, so they were getting more real. I flew to the next station, The Underground Station. Also no real trains. Well, Dad could fly, but only by putting one foot in front of the other exactly like he was walking on air, so he was limited by how fast he could walk and I could fly faster than that. And we had to get back to ??? which was three piers away or so, too far to walk easily, so I was scouting out other methods of transport so Dad could get there.

I went back above ground and somehow found a bus being driven by one of my students, standing next to him was [livejournal.com profile] kadath. At first I wasn't sure it was her, she was really short, had curly dark brown hair, big rimmed glasses, and a white sweatshirt, but then we both said "hi". I found myself thinking half outside the dream "ah, we were supposed to meet tonight so I guess this is instead." I asked my student / the driver to try and find my Dad and we stopped outside a coffeeshop that was also some sort of ethnic food resturaunt. The driver stopped really close to the building, on the sidewalk, so the doors could barely open so the other passengers wouldn't get out. We didn't want them to know I was picking up my Dad and we'd kinda hijacked the bus route. I went inside the shop and found Dad in the back, yelled and waved at him that I'd found a bus, and he came out.
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I don't remember much of it, but it involved fleeing inside The Mall, flying through windows and hallways and stairs in The School. Near the end I remember I was walking around with my friends and cops stopped us to do ID checks since there was an all-points bulletin out for me. I couldn't magic my real ID into a different name b/c they could sense that, but I did have an actual fake ID with a picture of a blonde woman named Roxy wearing dark sunglasses and partying with a bunch of friends around her. They were suspicious but seemed about to accept it when I woke up. I mean, I *do* color my hair frequently. I considered going and getting my hair dyed blonde if I got out of this one.


Nov. 18th, 2006 02:37 pm
I had a dream this morning. Something about trying to nab a criminal in Victorian clothing, and then we were teleported to a library. It didn't make all that much sense, so I rewound it and watched it again. He was wearing a top hat and glasses, looked kinda like the scientist guy in Dark City, and I was shooting at him with some sorta magic crossbow, and one of the bolts hit him and the scene was teleported to a fancy study. There were a white witch and black witch and their sister the gray witch was in charge. I was reading along with the screenplay at the same time to try and understand it better, and it definitely helped. There was more but I don't remember it.

The rewinding capability was awesome though, as was the transcript/screenplay.


Nov. 5th, 2006 11:02 am

I didn't realize until I read the above comic that I'd dreamed about waffles. I had opened the freezer door and was grabbing a couple to use as cold compresses, but they weren't actually all that cold.


Oct. 23rd, 2006 08:36 am
I left my bag outside on the back porch and started exploring inside the house. I had someone with me, but I don't know who, maybe Bukama. It was kinda like Castlevania, and then we stumbled across a demon lord asleep in his bedroom. He was pale, maybe albino, and my companion told me to hold still and be quiet as he woke, and maybe he wouldn't find us. He reached out with a wing/tentacle and grabbed the bottom of my boot, the sole under my heel, and slowly constricted around it, crushing it. He knew where we were. I begged him to let us go, and he finally did deciding we weren't enough of a challenge and should come back when we were. I ran outside, apologizing to the little girl for waking her daddy. My bicycle was on the front porch, I left it on the lawn, and ran downstairs for my bag. I couldn't decide whether to wear my jacket or not, b/c I'd be working late, but it was warm and bulky, and I was about to bike to campus.


Oct. 18th, 2006 08:17 am
I dreamed that school was closed due to snow. i had to figure out what to do for a couple exams.

this was a dream, [livejournal.com profile] freakylynx. ;)


Oct. 12th, 2006 11:17 am
my parents were visiting and rented out the apartment downstairs from mine. i brought gabe over to stay there for a while, and JT and i played with him. he let us scratch his head! i was so happy. then i saw my parents had brought their cat xavier. nothing happened between them, i just got really scared.


Oct. 1st, 2006 09:00 am
I was driving in Boston, on the highway, looking for route 2 so I could stick near the Charles and Cambridge for a particular place I was trying to go. Everything looked a lot like my The City stage/set, but I kept seeing a map of Boston so I knew it was that. I was going too fast for the Rt 2 turnoff ramp as usual, and went partway up it on two wheels, then fell back off onto the highway (Pike?). I got kinda lost downtown, there was this confusing intersection with trolleys (the Green Line) and busses. A nice old man let me change lanes. My Mom was driving another car. They wanted me to pay a toll to cross the trolley line on foot since they were making everyone pay to get on - they didn't remember how much it cost, and the sign wasn't working so they had to call up front, $1.45. I protested that I had meant to make a left turn, but I missed it, so the woman told me to stay on the side, and she grabbed my wrist so I couldn't leave. I told Mom and WGL what'd happened, and that WGL and I were still on for lunch tomorrow before I had to go back home.


Sep. 29th, 2006 07:35 am
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i dreamed i woke up and gabe wasn't moving, he was motionless on the bottom of his cage, with his neck twisted funny and his eyes wide open. i touched him and he was cold. (this is the first time i can recall feeling physical sensation in a dream, probably b/c the referred memory is so vivid and was so emotionally loaded.) i wasn't sad. i started to half think about buying a conure.

i woke and actually was sad, which i'm happy about. he chrirruped "i hear you, it's morning and time to uncover me" and I was relieved.



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