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This is the new username of the former Z-person. Please to be not connecting this username with either my old username or my legal name. You know it's me because this username has references to stars and things with wings.

I will not be discussing the reason for the change in any unlocked posts, which this is, so if you ask, I won't reply.

At this point in time I have imported my friends groups and tags from LJ version of the old account to the DW new account, but I have not imported the posts nor comments since they may have references to my old username.

Tasks still to be completed: import friends groups to the new LJ version, update icons. On the plus side, I still have this awesome icon that [personal profile] rosefox made for me years decades (?) ago.
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Considering the recent spate of selfies...

Originally posted by [ profile] tebe_interesno at post
609.43 КБ

(Size adjusted to better fit friendspages.)

Edited to put on the right icon.
Eee! Getting more involved with the fanfic community by taking the helm on [ profile] crack_van, a fanfic recommendation comm, for a month, on RotG. Here's my fandom overview post! :)

Originally posted by [ profile] zandperl at Fandom Overview: Rise of the Guardians
Hi folks! This is my first time driving the van, and I’m going to be doing so for the “Small & Miscellaneous Fandom” or “Monthly Featured Fandom” for Rise of the Guardians. Before taking it out for a spin though, it’s always good to inspect your new vehicle, so here’s a fandom overview. Since this’s my first time behind the wheel and I'm pretty new to fandom in general (pretty much started this April!), any guidance you care to give me throughout my month would be appreciated. ☺

rise of the guardians

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Trigger Warning: vague categories of things which I find triggery right now due to current events are mentioned below. Due to current events, even this vagueness might be triggery for others.

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Do not make me give up LJ/DW for the weekend too, or I'll be really pissed and probably cry. So yeah, use trigger warnings, cut-tags, or filters.

Edit: Damnit. I can't go entirely FB-dark b/c I'm coordinating getting tickets to an event on Saturday evening via FB. Fuck.

Originally posted on Dreamwidth. comment count unavailable comments there. Comment here or there.
One of the PostSecrets this week was from a multiracial person who is embarrassed when she(?) passes as white. This of course resonated with me greatly due to that being my own life story (well, I wouldn't say "embarrassed", but there definitely are non-positive emotions associated with it when I stop to reflect).

This led to two very interesting threads in the PostSecret LJ syndicate: this one starts with the post card itself, and this one also. I admit I speak a lot in those threads; what people have to say there is really interesting to me, from the POC, the (assumed) whites, and the other multiracial people.

ETA: If you haven't seen it, here's a post I wrote a while ago listing things that monoracial people take for granted. Some of them are more applicable to white monoracial people than monoracial POC.

Originally posted on Dreamwidth. comment count unavailable comments there. Comment here or there.
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I also have an account on DW under the same name (though I haven't really used it at all), or you can find me on twitter under the same name as well.
this is really weird. One of my userpics is showing on my list when I make posts/comments, but then doesn't show on that comment (or apparently this post, though i do see the alt-text), and when I go to my list of userpics it's not listed there. I used it pretty recently too, I use it all the time for bird posts, it's the "For the Birds" Pixar pigeon, so I'm confused.
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I'm looking for a source for feminist / girl power T-shirts. My intent is to get a few that I can wear to geeky events (PAX East in March in particular). I want to send messages such as "take me seriously regardless of my gender," "I'm an ally to the other women here," or "don't marginalize women in this field, we're here spending money too." I do not want to send messages like "women are better than men," "I want to rip off your balls," or "woe is me, I'm downtrodden." I will not buy iron-on quality (no CafePress). Bonus points for clever phrases, well-designed graphics, environmentally friendly, small businesses, and/or union/fair trade labor. I am willing to pay more for clever phrases and well-designed graphics.

Hook me up, folks! :)

Edit: Here's a couple links so I don't lose them.
This is what a feminist looks like (Pink text on black)
Thinkgeek wishlist
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Please do not use the automatic crossposting thing to crosspost anything I write to either FB or Twitter. Please do not crosspost your comments on MY posts either.

[ profile] rosefox has put together a great summary of exactly what the new LJ stuff does, including links to screencaps so you can see that it really does do that.

Reason: I do not not NOT want this account to have any chance whatsoever of being connected to my RL name, and FB's really really horrible about that shit. I've been toying with the idea of considering my FB account entirely and/or ditching my LJ name for a new one.
I was away for another week and then spent the last 72 hours hanging out with RL friends. Once again, did I miss anything in LJ-land? [ profile] allandaros?
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When you click on certain links from LJ, such as eBay, or, instead of actually going to that link directly it does two things: (1) pops it up in a new window, and (2) routes you through "" first, so they're tracking where you go.

Try clicking on this link for example:

Do NOT right-click to open it in a new window or you'll miss it. Just click once to open it in this window.

If you think that's a crock of shit too, there is a way to "opt out" of it. Go to the admin console here, and type in "set opt_exclude_stats 1" (without the quotes) and reload any page that you were reading for it to take effect.

More posts on this:

Pass it on.

Edit: Some people report not seeing it. There's a few possibilities: (1) it's happening too fast for you to see the bump forward, in which case look for the new window popping open when you directly click. Try installing an add-on that explicitly pauses with each bump forward - see [ profile] brynndragon's comment for one for Firefox. (2) It may be that this only happens in some styles (including mine), so it may be that the javascript is only embedded in the code of some styles that LJ provides rather than being LJ-wide.

Edit again: There's some evidence that rather than tracking our visits to other websites, that the purpose of this is that LJ is actually trying to scrape off some profit by inserting their referral info when we visit commercial sites such as Amazon - the links above have more informed discussion about it. The actual insertion of LJ's referral info would be by the "" website. This does not exclude the possibility of LJ/outboundlink tracking where we go from LJ, they could very well be doing both.

Son of Edit: Apparently the original intent was to add the affiliate/referral info if the original link did not have it, not to strip the original affiliate/referral info from links that had one originally. It was also supposed to be a transparent process, meaning the interference/tracking by outboundlink was supposed to be hidden so we weren't supposed to ever know about it. Jah, that's so much better. Source
Edit: I have received a response, and it seems good.

LJ is now requiring new users to specify "male" or "female" on new account creation. If you don't like this,

  1. Edit your profile and select Unspecified for your gender option.

  2. Give feedback to LJ about this, see sample below.

  3. Send an email to Anjelika, GM of US operations,, again see sample below.

More info here. You have until this Thursday (12/17) to make your voice heard.

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Dear LJ,

No I'm not going to register to donate bone marrow. Yeah I know that every person on the registry represents a chance at a saved life. I even know that as a multiracial person, my bone marrow's much more desirable. But it scares the shit out of me. Yes I read the myths and facts, donation FAQs, when you're contacted as a possible match, and everything else on Be The Match / National Marrow Donor Program - I read it all hoping I'd get over it. But it still scares the shit out of me. You can stop inviting me now.

You can take it when I'm dead, though. I've got a nice little "organ donor" thing on my driver's license, and I've told my family and significant other that I'll donate everything but my brain. So if my bone marrow's still useful when I'm dead, please do take it then.

Hearts and livers,

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I've been blagging here a bit less than usual lately. Part of it is that I've been Twittering more (I'm zandperl there), and part is that some of my internet thirst is being slaked more productively, by my online course. I don't feel as much need to say things to the world, if I can say it small I twit it, and only if I need to say it big do I LJ. This is a good thing - LJing can take a lot of time, and I want to become more productive. That is, do real work more consciously, and have more structured free time instead of time lost to aimless surfing.

Enough with the introspection. Check this flowchart of the financial crisis.
I have returned to LJ-land after a fun weekend of puzzle-solving. Please let me know if I missed anything you posted and want me to know, since I doubt I'm going through everyone's posts.
[ profile] seekingferret will be interested to know that, as predicted, I don't actually much mind "Sense and Sensibility" (that is, the writing style) in audiobook format. I'm on Chapter 9 right now, and while I will admit that the first two chapters with their plethora of characters were a bit confusing, but when I've done Jane Austen books in the past I found them ridiculously dry and boring. While some of the change may come from increasing maturity on my part, I really do think most of the difference is the audiobook format. If an audiobook is slightly dry, I can tune out and listen with half an ear, doing something else like washing dishes or knitting, and come back in when it gets more interesting.

This particular production (the male Libravox narrator) leaves a bit to be desired, in that it's distributed as a podcast (so my iPod stops at the end of each installation, which is a chapter, around every 10-15 minutes), each "episode" starts with a 30-second boilerplate, and the narrator's voice is relatively toneless, but it is not bad - in fact I would call it a couple small steps above tolerable.

So, I don't much mind the writing style (though I probably would not choose a repeat of this author, I can definitely get through this book), but I have to say the content is somewhat boring. It's a pre-women's lib. soap opera. Maybe it'll get better, we'll see.
Am I the only one not intending to download all my old posts and do .... something .... with them?

List of articles about the implosion scare (thanks [ profile] ayashi!)

List of tools to download your archive, if you're into that sorta thing (thanks [ profile] the_xtina!)
There have been various rumors about a LJ imminently imploding due to massive layoffs. If that happens, I'm "zandperl" just about everywhere that I'm not on with my real name - the ones I use most often are as follows: Twitter is zandperl; Facebook is real name; Flickr I have two accounts first is zandperl and second is first initial and last name (no punctuation); Gmail dittos Flickr.

If you want me to be able to find you elsewhere, feel free to drop a note here w/ which service and username, or any other contact info you want. All comments screened unless you specify otherwise.
OMG, I finally "get" knitting! Thanks so much to [ profile] soapfaerie and [ profile] the_xtina who made it possible! If [ profile] soapfaerie hadn't sent me the "ingredients," I would've sat on my @$$ forever before getting started on this. And [ profile] the_xtina, one thing that made clear to me through it's many videos on how to do the exact same thing, is that there really ARE many ways to do each thing. By comparing the "suggested" video with the book [ profile] soapfaerie sent me, I was able to put together a 3-D image in my head of which string is going where, and realized that I didn't have to hold the string like either was showing me and could instead do it the way I was used to doing for macrame (friendship bracelets) with only very minor modifications, so what looked to me (in my previous attempts at knitting) like a Gordian knot of sixteen steps for each individual stitch, is now just one or two steps!

Next step: learn purl. :-P Maybe I'll change my mind about the ease of this now... But thanks so much guys!

Edit: OMG, purl is so much harder! Not impossible, but significantly more difficult. I think it'll take me a few rows to feel comfortable with this one. Then I'll get to switch it up! I want to learn cables and braids - I'm going to need to buy more stuff for that.



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