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I've been blagging here a bit less than usual lately. Part of it is that I've been Twittering more (I'm zandperl there), and part is that some of my internet thirst is being slaked more productively, by my online course. I don't feel as much need to say things to the world, if I can say it small I twit it, and only if I need to say it big do I LJ. This is a good thing - LJing can take a lot of time, and I want to become more productive. That is, do real work more consciously, and have more structured free time instead of time lost to aimless surfing.

Enough with the introspection. Check this flowchart of the financial crisis.
[ profile] seekingferret will be interested to know that, as predicted, I don't actually much mind "Sense and Sensibility" (that is, the writing style) in audiobook format. I'm on Chapter 9 right now, and while I will admit that the first two chapters with their plethora of characters were a bit confusing, but when I've done Jane Austen books in the past I found them ridiculously dry and boring. While some of the change may come from increasing maturity on my part, I really do think most of the difference is the audiobook format. If an audiobook is slightly dry, I can tune out and listen with half an ear, doing something else like washing dishes or knitting, and come back in when it gets more interesting.

This particular production (the male Libravox narrator) leaves a bit to be desired, in that it's distributed as a podcast (so my iPod stops at the end of each installation, which is a chapter, around every 10-15 minutes), each "episode" starts with a 30-second boilerplate, and the narrator's voice is relatively toneless, but it is not bad - in fact I would call it a couple small steps above tolerable.

So, I don't much mind the writing style (though I probably would not choose a repeat of this author, I can definitely get through this book), but I have to say the content is somewhat boring. It's a pre-women's lib. soap opera. Maybe it'll get better, we'll see.
Am I the only one not intending to download all my old posts and do .... something .... with them?

List of articles about the implosion scare (thanks [ profile] ayashi!)

List of tools to download your archive, if you're into that sorta thing (thanks [ profile] the_xtina!)
There have been various rumors about a LJ imminently imploding due to massive layoffs. If that happens, I'm "zandperl" just about everywhere that I'm not on with my real name - the ones I use most often are as follows: Twitter is zandperl; Facebook is real name; Flickr I have two accounts first is zandperl and second is first initial and last name (no punctuation); Gmail dittos Flickr.

If you want me to be able to find you elsewhere, feel free to drop a note here w/ which service and username, or any other contact info you want. All comments screened unless you specify otherwise.
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Considering that I've been wanting to become more productive, the fact that LJ will be going down for a few hours Tuesday to do a server migration is a good thing. They're closing up shop at 8am PST (11am EST) on Tuesday, and it'll last up to 4 hours (until 12noon PST / 3pm EST). They're planning to be entirely 100% down - no reading LJ, no posting, no emails from replies, nadda.
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LJ has added a new "feature" that allows people to find your username based upon your email address. If you don't like that idea, go to the Edit Profile page, scroll down twice to "Contact Info" and under "Find by email" pick your choice.

Edit: This means if you signed up with an email address that your coworkers or students know, that they can find your account! Be scared! Go fix it!

MoreEdit: Apparently it actually defaults (sensibly) to you being unfindable, but I still would rather set it manually to unfindable.
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I'm back home again. I probably won't bother to read all the missed LJs, so if you posted something you think I should see, please link here.
Well, off to NYC for a few days for [ profile] rosefox's birthday fun this evening (my Mom says one of her coworkers says the spa place is great!) and to see my parents and Nga Boo the rest of the weekend. I probably won't be reading much LJ, but then again I'm so addicted I might...

Grr, stupid going back to an unpaid account and my NYC icon being gone. I don't feel like feeding LJ any more money right now though.
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For your entertainment, here's a service that allows you to preview your blog in multiple different browsers. I did it for my science blog, and here's what I got:

Unfortunately they don't have a screenshot of all, so if you want one you have to take it yourself.


May. 31st, 2008 03:02 pm
I need a money icon. Any suggestions?


May. 28th, 2008 10:22 am
For some reason, this one post in [ profile] physics has the text title part backwards, next to the user's icon.

I've been off LJ for the last week due to visitors from out of town (hi [ profile] blue102!). Did I miss anything?

Meanwhile, it's now summer, and I have exactly nothing to do. It's strange. I'm bored.
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Remind me that I should be grading, not blagging.
[ profile] the_xtina, prompted by a post by [ profile] hitchhiker, I'm curious as to whether one can write a greasemonkey script that would look at each icon on a page searching for a characteristic file size, image dimensions, and loop time, or some other simple description of the file that wouldn't require actual face recognition-style analysis, and then block either (a) the icon itself, or (b) any post or comment with that icon.

I don't actually care about the specific icon in question and wouldn't use such a script, I'm just curious if this is doable. So don't feel you need to create such a thing, a yes or no would be entirely satisfying to me.

Bird drama

Apr. 24th, 2008 07:06 pm
I think I'm going to not post new posts to [ profile] parrot_lovers if I can help it, and instead post to [ profile] parrots101 - or maybe cross post for a while before phasing out the PL posts so that I can possibly get others to switch over to 101 as well. I plan to continue commenting on PL though. But so if you don't see me there as much, that's why. Too many feathered llamas.
LJ FAQs didn't answer this for me. What happens if I post a locked entry to a community - who can see it? Is it different depending upon whether I do just "friends" or a custom level?
If you or anyone you know is in the Boston area and has a dog, a professional pet photographer I know is looking for models. She's on LJ as [ profile] amavia (personal) and [ profile] rubicat (professional), and her professional webpage is She took awesome photos of Gabe when I first got her, and she's got a great rapport with animals.

I am in need of some more dog models for various pet care books. I need both inside and outside shots, and I even need a few shots in my studio (on a white background). I live in Arlington Center. I am hoping to get a good mix of shots taken around town (for dog-walking shots), in parks, and inside homes.

For your trouble, I will give you a CD of all the images I take. I will require a model release for each dog, and if any humans are in the shots, I'll need releases for them as well.

Breeds needed:
Basset Hound
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Cocker Spaniel

Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might have a pup I can photograph. Thanks!


Mar. 31st, 2008 10:43 pm
If you've been friended by a moska-12 or something similar, block them a lot. The profile has a YouTube link in it; clicking on it takes you to a place that will graciously try to install a virus on your machine.



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