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This January I flew from BOS to AUS and back again.

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Last day of 3 on Beijing. Slowly getting over the jet lag. Strangely, Gmail appears unblocked while Twitter seems blocked. Tomorrow we fly to Urumqi. I've been journalling, and may transcribe them here when I get back. If anyone would be interested in that, let me know and it'll make it more likely to happen. I'm exhausted from a long day in hot weather with lots of walking, and I need to pack, so no more now.
Anyone else want postcards from China? I've already got [livejournal.com profile] calzephyr77, and [livejournal.com profile] marquiswildbill and T. Replies are screened so you can leave your mailing address.
My mother is under the impression (no sources, just an impression) that hotels in China will have outlets identical to those in the US. My father is under the impression that every city will have a different type of outlet (shape of plug, voltage, frequency) from every other city. His only source is Wikipedia, which appears to directly contradict what he says (it says all of China uses one particular type of outlet).

Anyone know the reality and/or have reliable sources? We're starting in Beijing, traveling across the NW of the country, then flying to Shanghai and Hong Kong.
I'm going to China with my mother this summer for 3 weeks, and my mother informed me that I can't drink the tap water. We will be staying in hotels (4 stars mostly), but traveling both in urban and rural areas. So if there are any environmentally friendly frugal jet-setters reading this,

* Is that true that I can't drink the tap water?
* Should I just buy water everywhere?
* What about some sort of filtration/sterilization for tap water instead?
One of my team members for the MIT Mystery Hunt this weekend was planning to fly from DC to Boston tomorrow, but, ya know, snow. They've already told her her flight is cancelled. She trying to rebook to Thurs, but if it's not possible, she'll be looking for either advice on how to get to Boston in such weather, and/or a carpool.

Anyone doing DC to Boston for the Hunt, Arisia, or other purposes this weekend? If not, what would be your preferred method to travel up the East coast just after a blizzard?
Are there any busses from Queens to Boston, like say, Flushing?
I was away for another week and then spent the last 72 hours hanging out with RL friends. Once again, did I miss anything in LJ-land? [livejournal.com profile] allandaros?


Jul. 15th, 2010 09:37 am
What should I do in Colorado for the next week? I'm flying in to Denver, but I think I'm staying in Boulder.


Jun. 27th, 2010 10:11 am
Have underwire bras always been on the list of things that might trigger a pat-down search? That just seems so wrong to me.

Edit: and check out the videos of how business men and women go into screening. Business women don't have laptops. Or shoes? I'm confused.

η2: Get more bamboo knitting needles for current project. Metal are allowed, but some TSA agents are jumpy.
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I've got a sabbatical coming up Fall 2010. I'm seriously considering spending 6 months in Australia. For professional reasons, really! I want to see the night sky south of the equator, and I could do astrophotography. (On the personal side I really want to live in a place where cockatoos will come to my birdfeeder.)

So, I know very little about Australia except what I've just said. Help me find out (a) where I should do this, (b) how much it will cost, and (c) whether I need a visa! This's currently a pipe dream, but every dream starts somewhere.
I'm going to be in Long Beach for a few days for a wedding in mid-July. I will have a rental car and T$ with me. Any recommendations on things we *must* see/do/eat at while we're there?
Arizona trip is awesome so far. Been spending lots of time outside in weather in the 80's. The one thing that wasn't awesome was yesterday I got stung by a bee in the face and totally freaked out. See, when I was a child, not only was I allergic to bee stings, but if the stinger stayed in I was *severely* allergic - as in throat swelling closed and not breathing. And now I have asthma and didn't back then. So yeah, I understandably freaked out a bit. I managed to shriek something to the effect of "take the stinger out!" which [livejournal.com profile] blue_102 successfully did, and although my face hurt like the dickens and swelled up a bit, I didn't have much of an allergic reaction and no asthma whatsoever. So the upshot of it is that I apparently don't need to freak out about bee stings anymore.

Weather's been awesome. We've been doing things outside every day, and between the sun and heat it's been tiring me out a LOT. But it's awesome. I've been taking around 180 photos a day, I need to learn better how to weed out the best so that I don't swamp people with the others. I will be posting them when I get back, don't want to hog bandwidth as a guest. Today the Desert Botanical Gardens had some weird glass art installation that looked like Cthulu was rising from the sands, or swooping down on it or something. Very freakish.


Mar. 14th, 2009 09:15 am
Oh yeah, I'm going to be AFK for the next week. Going to visit friends in Arizona, where it's a sunny 93ยบ. Oh yeah!
Spoonbill (?) at National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD

The horror!

Can you tell I'm sorting my trip photos for the last couple of weeks?
This xkcd isn't too far from my experience with Google Maps during my recent road trip. It saw into the future (I-840 in NC didn't yet exist, and "Future I-840" ended at Exit 19 where Google Maps told me to get off at Exit 21), and it didn't see into construction (I-95 didn't have an exit 351C in Florida). I guess this is why they recommend a sanity check at the bottom in fine print on all their directions.


Feb. 12th, 2008 08:31 am
Of course the day I'm actually going to visit birdies (pair of bonded GCCs) is the day there's a winter storm warning. Thankfully I'm meeting her at 11am, so I should be back home before the snow hits at 5pm. I'm just going to have to keep an eye on the weather on the radio.
I went sight-seeing thru Midtown yesterday. Man, am I tired! I'm not used to walking that much. Most of my photos came out slightly blurry b/c I didn't bother with a tripod, but here's a couple anyway.

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I also bought myself some pretty funky shoes (scroll down a full screen). I'd tried on some even funkier ones back in Turkey-month w/ JT, but those weren't shaped quite right for my feet.



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