I got asked to represent my entire race (yes, the Asian, the Jewish, and the BOTH, all three) for the first time ever at lunch the other day. It was weird.

FYI I've got this unlocked b/c I wanted [tumblr.com profile] summercomfort to be able to read it. FWIW this is the sort of thing I usually put under the very lightest lock. If you're on DW or LJ and want to be able to read these sorts of posts, lmk and I'd be glad to give you access.

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Jeez. What a lunch.

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Does anyone have a source for cow stickers? Amazon seems to only have third party vendors, and the best I could find on Oriental Trading were mixed barnyard animals. I want cows. Only cows.
So I got the tablet early last week finally, after a bunch of hassle with Lenovo. Today was "Install Camtasia Day" so I got the CD w/ license key from the appropriate IT person, brought it back to my office where the tablet was warming up, and promptly discovered that it didn't have a CD drive. That's right, I ordered a computer without an optical drive and never realized it. So, workaround time. Said IT person recommended copying the disk to a thumb drive. Of course when I popped the disk into a computer w/ a CD/DVD drive, turns out it has autoplay software, so I couldn't look at the directory and drag'n'drop it. So I went to the command prompt, googled recursive copying, and xcopy d:/* g:/Camtasia \s-ed. Amazingly it worked, installing smoothly from the thumb drive onto my tablet, after only 10 failed attempts to type in the license key!
Damn you, [livejournal.com profile] freakylynx.

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I suspect I will be slightly more efficient than working at work, partially from the not having to recover from and pack for commuting, and partially from the less distractions. I mean, the main things I've got to distract me at home that I don't at work are Gabe, and she tends to be sessile during the day, and cleaning, which only distracts me when I'm really freaking out about work (though I have to say having Mr. Roomba makes me want to clean all the time).



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