Is it less problematic when the guy and gal swap the parts on "Baby It's Cold Outside"? B/c Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt did so on the Muppets Thanksgiving Special.

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Happened to watch the music video for Michelle Branch's "Goodbye to You" (2002) for the first time ever just now. Realized two things.

1) Branch is part Asian. This is confirmed by her Wikipedia bio which says she's part Dutch Indonesian. Just look at her eyes in that video. I can always tell. It sucks that my life society is such that I feel the need to notice such things.
2) The music video is totally like Memento, except with a bit less angst.

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My favorite X-Men: First Class trailer.

I may just need to go watch this movie in the theaters again.
Everybody needs a wrapped Christmas cat.

I'm on my iPad and embedding's a bitch, so you'll just have to follow that link to see the most patient cat ever get wrapped up with a bow on top.


Jun. 26th, 2009 10:29 am
Been watching Michael Jackson videos on YouTube since I heard the news. Looking beyond issues of the music, dancing, and the birth of the music video, there is much to consider. On the one hand, I'm intrigued by how many of his songs had messages of peace and brotherhood, presumably influenced by the Cold War era. On the other hand, the video for "The Way You Make Me Feel" makes me want to punch the patriarchy in the nuts. I also find myself wanting to do an in-depth analysis of how MJ influenced race relations in the US, but I don't know enough about the subject, so if anyone finds a good discussion of it elsewhere, or knows enough themselves to discuss it, please let me know.
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Google Video is going to cease hosting new videos, so I need a new service to compress and host videos for my classes. Unfortunately Wikipedia's comparison charts of video services doesn't list all the things I want to know about. Here's what I'm looking for; 1-5 are required characteristics, "preferred" are additional characteristics I really want, and "optional" are bonuses.

  1. Unlimited file size (or at least 500MB), unlimited time (or at least 90 min)

  2. Cross-platform compatible

  3. No additional software required for viewing (things like Java, Flash are ok since most computers have them already)

  4. Compresses videos as well as sharing them, so they're faster for students to download on slow internet connections

  5. No bandwidth cap, or 1.5GB/week / 8GB/month minimum.

  6. No account required for viewing (preferred)

  7. I can choose not to display my name/account with videos I post (so I can use the same account for personal use) (preferred)

  8. I can choose to not allow students to find other videos that I posted (ditto the purpose) (preferred)

  9. I can choose to unlist videos I post, so no one but my students with a direct link are likely to find them (for intellectual property reasons) (preferred)

  10. Download of video available (preferred)

  11. Organization of videos into "folders" so I can post a link to the folder and the student can access all videos for that class in one place, and not the videos for other classes (optional)

  12. Tool to upload multiple videos simultaneously (optional)

  13. Upload tool allows me to resume paused or interrupted uploads (optional)

Anything else I should be looking for? Who do you like that has these? Google Video had 1-9. YouTube already fails at #1. I started looking at Vimeo and RapidShare, but don't know much about them. Edit: RapidShare seems a bit sketchy, Vimeo has weekly bandwidth limits below what I need.
These days, every MIT Mystery Hunt has a theme, and the kickoff at 12noon on the Friday of Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend always presents the story of the theme. This year, it was a futuristic Sci-Fi convention (Zyzzlcon 3009) with guests of honor the crew of the Brass Rat, that got sucked into the region of space called Zyzzlvaria. The only way to escape is to find all the missing crew members and the Covertly Operational Inversion Node (COIN - traditionally the Hunt ends when one team finds a coin or other representational object at the end of a scavenger hunt). Here's T$'s video of the kickoff.

And a direct link.
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Want a new experience?

Try a neti pot!

"Breathe through the mouth, and enjoy the warm, soothing feeling." More like "try not to drown!" My doctor recommended this for my cold symptoms. I'm not sure if it's worse than not breathing, but I suspect it may be.
Anyone know or feel like compiling a list of the registered parties of the people in the Don't Vote video? I have a sneaking suspicion they lean drastically towards liberal/Democrat.


Sep. 9th, 2008 02:58 pm
Just for you [ profile] meleah, it's the Large Hadron Rap. Show it to your kids - I'm probably going to show it to mine tomorrow.

It's a kitty playing a theramin. This one's for you, [ profile] kelsin. Thanks to [ profile] jmgold/[ profile] jmgold42.

Along the lines of the NPR Podcast on the MIT Mystery Hunt, here's a clip from an upcoming documentary on "Nerdcore" music - rap/electronic music aimed at geeks. The clip features MC Frontalot (a Nerdcore star) in the center, with Tycho and Gabe (from Penny Arcade) and they're deconstructing the lyrics of the MC Frontalot song about Penny Arcade and its readers. You can skip the first 40 seconds or so.



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