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Because I want a place to put all this, here's a bunch of links about why complaining about Chinese food (or other Asian or "ethnic" [non-Western] food) is racist.

  • Why "do Asians eat dogs?" is a racist question. abagond (2015)

  • "Humans have always demonized the cuisine of 'the other' because it's the easiest way to say someone is less human." On racist Yelp restaurant reviews. Andrew Simmons for Slate (2014)

  • On why calling food "ethnic" or talking about food poisoning is racist. Naomi Tomky for The Atlantic's Citylab (2015)

  • Restaurant health inspectors, food handler certification manuals, and of course customer complaints are all racist, and documents for restaurant owners are difficult for non-native speakers of English to read. Joseph Erbentraut for HuffPo (2016)

  • Example of a Philadelphia Chinese take-out restaurant repeatedly incorrectly ticketed by police, fitting a larger pattern of racist code violations in Philly as a whole. Joseph N. DiStefano for The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News (2017)

I will post more links as I find them, and if y'all have more to share I'd love to see them.

Also, next time you call someone out on this and they say "but it's true," remind them that something doesn't have to be false to be racist.


Mar. 24th, 2015 07:40 pm
In case you haven't heard, it's no longer the Food Pyramid, it's now My Plate (and has been for a few years now). I found myself back on that site b/c I was curious if potatoes counted as veggies (yes, in the subset of starchy veggies), and came across this two week list of recipes. Posting here to share and to remind myself next time I need food ideas.

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Apr. 8th, 2010 08:39 pm
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7:00pm: T$ declares he ate something weird for lunch, so his stomach isn't feeling quite right.
7:30pm: I ask if I should just eat leftovers, he agrees. I pick up my laptop and go through last year's physics quizzes so I can use one for tomorrow.
7:45pm: I realize I haven't put Kappa to sleep. I do so, and say "I should eat something" aloud in T$'s vicinity.
8:00pm: T$ asks me if I'm going to eat something. I say "yes" and work on the slideshow for physics.
8:10pm: I ask T$ to remind me to eat in a while.
8:15pm: T$ reminds me to eat. I say "oh yeah" and go back to work.
8:20pm: I finally get up and nuke some leftovers
8:25pm: I take them out of the nuker, put them on the table, pick up my laptop, and start elljaying.
8:30pm: T$ starts eating my leftovers because I'm not. I guess his stomach's feeling better. Why doesn't my physics textbook list AUs in meters in the front cover?

This is why I used to be 14 lbs lighter when I lived by myself - I just don't have a strong eating drive. Not that that's particularly a bad thing; I'm sure yo-yoing weight by as much as 10 lbs as I used to do wasn't good.
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Picking up on a suggestion from [ profile] tiurin, who'd be up for fasting next Thanksgiving?
Modeled after the Black Sheep Baguette, my third vegetarian meal is the Zandi Baguette. You take some favorite bread type and split in half. One side you coat liberally with basalmic vinegarette, the other with a good pesto. The fillings are fresh mozzarella, some lettuce, and avocado slices. The original used actual baguette bread (I forget what type we used), and didn't have the lettuce and avocado but had sun dried tomatoes instead. We had a side of cheesy rice and broccoli. Make sure you get a nice dense and textured bread.

Cost was more reasonable than the meat substitute meals, but still slightly higher than it could've been b/c we made poor choices in how to purchase ingredients. We bought bread rolls individually instead of in a pack, avocado's always expensive, and we could only find fresh mozzarella at the "Mediterranean salad bar". So the price ended up comparable to a meat meal for "just a sandwich." But it's a yummy sandwich! ^_^

Anyone know how the environmental impact of cheese compares to that of eating meat?
Every summer I take on a few projects for work, personal enrichment, or goals I keep putting off. I guess the latter are kinda like instead of New Year's resolutions. For example, Summer 1999 (between Junior and Senior years of college) I spent in Tucson, AZ, and I resolved to (1) learn to drive, (2) play the guitar, and (3) learn Chem 101. At the end of the summer I had my AZ driver's license, played guitar better than I probably ever have since, and didn't learn Chem but convinced myself I didn't really need to do so. What can I say, I grew up in NYC where not only do you not need to drive, it's against the law to drive on a learner's permit under age 17. And I still hate chem.

Here's a scoop on these goals/projects/enrichments this summer, and a call for suggestions on one specifically. )

So what I'm looking for from y'all is other types of meat-substitutes to try. I want them to be SAVORY, I want to be able to purchase them in one-meal quantities (so if T$ or I don't like it after the first meal, we don't have to eat it again), and I want to be able to get them at a store I won't have to drive 50 miles to get to (i.e., Stop'n'Shop, Big Y, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, local co-op).

For a T-day alternative, consider buying an organic turkey. The Eat Well Guide will help you find organic farms and grocery stores near you where you can find one.
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I made crock pot chili today, thanks again to [ profile] jethereal. Crock pots are so easy to use!

Chili )

And while I'm at it, beef stew!

Beef stew )
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Even my pea soup isn't vegetarian. )

Tomorrow morning it'll be done (after picking out bones and/or skin (if you used ham hocks)), and I will upload the before and after photos sometime. (Yeah, I'm a camera dork.) I haven't done this precise version, so how it comes out will be interesting (for example, I usually use 8 cups water but I wanted to try thicker), but every time is good. ^_^ The best part is waking up with the whole house smelling like lunch. *grin* If you do it during the day, you'll come home to the whole house smelling like dinner.
It seems Gabe's making progress on eating pellets. When I got him back from the neighbors this past weekend, he'd put on some weight (at 99g, usually 91-94g). After receiving comments to an earlier post about whether it was them giving him budgie seeds, or him eating more in the company of friends, I actually looked at what was left in his dish this afternoon. He'd eaten all the seeds, all but a few Zupreem pellets, and all the Harrison's! He didn't touch the Nutriberries, and if he ate any of the Kaytee conversion pellets it was minimal.

This is awesome, he's eating healthier, and other than the seeds he's even choosing the healthiest of the options available. Since he doesn't seem to be going for the Kaytee or Nutriberries I'll phase those out after I finish off the current jar (I've got all the above listed things mixed together in one container to make it easier on my neighbors to feed him). After that I'll phase out the seeds leaving him with only Zupreem and Harrison's. Yay!

I got me a mini-chicken. I'm going to cook it and eat it whole. Well, maybe I'll take a few bites, but I think it'll only take me one sitting. It's bigger than Gabe. Bigger than the sun conure I played with at the pet store. Smaller than a macaw though, probably on par with an African gray. *grin* Mmm, chicklet....

Man, now I feel bad for it.
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Mm, man, that's just sooooo good! Thought I'd write up my little recipie for salmon terriyaki for y'all here.

Ingredients )

Cooking )


Jul. 30th, 2006 09:50 pm
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I just remembered that smoothies exist! Two scoops vanilla, 1 scoop frozen raspberries, 2 scoops OJ, and 5-10 seconds in the blender on low later, and I've got one glassfull of yummy goodness. ^_^



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