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In case you haven't heard, it's no longer the Food Pyramid, it's now My Plate (and has been for a few years now). I found myself back on that site b/c I was curious if potatoes counted as veggies (yes, in the subset of starchy veggies), and came across this two week list of recipes. Posting here to share and to remind myself next time I need food ideas.

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2013 is the year I really joined fandom - though I realized later I'd been creating a few isolated fanworks previously, this year I made it a point to become more a part of it all, and I'm glad I did. :)

Found out about this via [personal profile] kass.

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

1: The Guardian of the Opera
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians, The Phantom of the Opera (1986 musical, 2011 Royal Albert Hall recording)
Medium: Fanfic
Pairing: Jack/Jamie (Christine/Raoul), Jack/Pitch (Christine/Phantom)
Length: 48991 (+1838) words
Summary: When the prima donna principal dancer E. Aster Bunnymund throws a tantrum over a supposed dark “Guardian” of the Ballet Populaire house, soloist Jack Frost steps up. But little does anyone know that the Guardian is real and stepping into the limelight has made Jack the target of his desires. Jack’s childhood friend Jamie Bennett fights to save Jack’s heart, life, and perhaps even soul.
Reflection: This was my first long fic ever, and my first time consciously realizing that I was writing fanfic. It took me months to complete (2013 April-November), and I would never have believed it would be that long, or that I'd stick with it for that long, when I first read the prompt and got inspired. I can't believe how many people read it, though at the time I wished it were more comments, and I especially wish I got more [positive] comments about the ending.

2: Sandy's Fireflies on AO3, on Vimeo
Fandom: Rise of the Guardians
Music: Fireflies by Owl City
Medium: Fanvid
Pairing: None
Length: 3:48
I'd like to make myself believe
That planet Earth turns slowly
It's hard to say that I'd rather stay
Awake when I'm asleep
'Cause everything is never as it seems

Reflection: This was my first fanvid ever! :) I grew obsessed with this song soon after I entered fandom, and then realized that I knew enough about video editing in iMovie and could figure out enough else about it to do something about the obsession. Since I was only into RotG at the time, of course that's what I thought of, and Sandy was the obvious choice.

3: Repentance
Fandom: X-Men (movies, especially Last Stand and First Class)
Medium: Fanfic
Pairing: Erik/Charles (as friends)
Length: 4526 words
Summary: Post-Cure Erik Lehnsherr alternates days playing chess in Central Park and doing chores, except for on the Sabbath. When he makes a new friend who reminds him of an old friend, he realizes the meaning of the Ten Days.
Rec: Kass (again) made me aware of this thing called the Days of Awesome, which was a challenge to write about Jewish characters for the High Holy Days. Erik being Erik, he was the obvious choice, and no Erik fic is complete without his foil Charles, even if just in memory. While this one has fewer comments than The Guardian of the Opera, presumably due to being shorter and thus getting less exposure through AO3's assorted reverse chronological list features, the specific comments which I did get were amazing (elegaic! someone called me elegaic!), and I feel really proud of the impact this work made on people.

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Happened to watch the music video for Michelle Branch's "Goodbye to You" (2002) for the first time ever just now. Realized two things.

1) Branch is part Asian. This is confirmed by her Wikipedia bio which says she's part Dutch Indonesian. Just look at her eyes in that video. I can always tell. It sucks that my life society is such that I feel the need to notice such things.
2) The music video is totally like Memento, except with a bit less angst.

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Okay, here's the skinny on Kepler-62e and f, the latest potential "Earth-like" planets. I'm numbering my points in case you want to refer to them elsewhere.

Enough detail for a science fan, more detail than most news sources will have, not enough detail for an astronomer. )

So that's my summary. If you want to read other articles, here's the Nature layperson's article which does a good job of not overhyping things. And here's the peer-reviewed journal article in Science (really prestigious!, though my dept has a running gag that 50% of Science and Nature articles turn out to be wrong). I believe the Science article is behind a paywall if you're not at a university, so if you want to read it and can't access it, let me know and I can email it to you.

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Finally, the TSA is accepting comments on their "AIT" x-ray and microwave scanners of passengers. Here's the comment I submitted. Feel free to model after mine.

I do not feel that there is sufficient necessity for x-ray and microwave machines to justify the additional exposure. I have not seen sufficient evidence from independent third-party evaluators that the dosage of x-ray and microwave radiation used by AIT machines is safe, and I have not seen any evidence that exposing me to these types of radiation is either in my best interest, or in the public good. I understand that I am already exposed to these types of radiation on a daily basis due to other devices (such as medical x-rays and cellphones), but in those cases I feel that the need to use such devices justifies the exposure. Neither x-ray nor microwave radiation are inherently harmless, and even types of radiation which are harmless at typical dosages can cause harm at high dosage - for example, visible light is harmless at the dosage in flashlights, but can cause blindness at the dosage in laser pointers. In the absence of evidence of sufficient need for the increased risk to my health, it is my wish that I not be exposed to potentially harmful x-ray and microwave radiation.

I always opt out of the AIT machines when traveling by air, however I do not feel this option is sufficient to maintain my safety because I am usually told to stand next to the AIT machines while waiting for the pat-down, resulting in exposure to x-ray and microwave radiation despite my decision to opt out. I feel that the only resolution which would maintain my safety by reducing my exposure to unnecessary and potentially harmful x-ray and microwave radiation is to remove AIT machines from airports entirely.

Tracking # 1jx-84jq-nset

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Nov. 22nd, 2012 09:41 pm
So those of you on Facebook probably saw a long gobledygook email about changes to the Terms of Service. Many people are in an uproar over FB getting the right to use your stuff, but that isn't anything new. What they should be in an uproar over is that right now the TOS gives users veto power over future changes to the TOS. The proposed changes removes that veto power.

As much as FB is continually making shitty changes, this one would be even worse than usual.

  • Full text of proposed Statement of Rights and Responsibilities changes
    • Note original and unchanged is in black, original and proposed to be removed is in red and struck out, and new proposed to be added is in red and underlined.
    • There appear to be no changes to the ways FB can use your information or content - you still own it, they still have a license to use it as they wish without charge. (Art 2, page 1)
    • Art 14 (pg 5-6) is where they remove the veto power of the members.

  • Full text of proposed Data Use Policy
    • There seem to be some good points where they remind people that "hiding" is not the same as "deleting", and other clarifying language.
    • The bad point is on the top of pg 14 where they say (if approved) that they can now share your info with their affiliates. Even credit cards let you opt out of sharing your info w/ affiliates, but apparently FB wouldn't.

  • Here's where you can respond
    • Note that many people are going for the following phrase to show a unified front: "I oppose the changes and want a vote about the demands on"
    • You have until Nov 28 to comment if you wish to do so.

  • CNN article which tipped me off to the changes

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I've been trying to get a good picture of what adjustments your body makes to cope with high altitude, and over what timescale these different adjustments happen. Since I'm not finding this information clearly in one place, I'm needing to piece it together from multiple sources, and I process information better when I actually, y'know, process it, so here's what I'm figuring out.

  • Same percentage of oxygen, but less overall pressure of it.
  • Less oxygen in the air means less oxygen present in the lungs.
  • Lower pressure of oxygen means that what oxygen is there doesn't diffuse from the lungs into the blood as easily.
  • Less oxygen to many organs, especially your brain.
  • Less pressure of water vapor, resulting in faster evaporation of sweat.

  • Immediate-2 Days:
    • Common symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, headache, feeling sleepy, and unable to sleep. Yes, both drowsiness AND insomnia, both T$ and I have experienced this at times due to altitude. It sucks.

  • 2-5 Days:
    • Body responds by breathing faster, which also means you're taking CO_2 out of your blood more quickly, which changes your body's pH balance, which the kidneys try to fix. Increased breathing rate also results in more water loss.
    • Body also responds by attempting to pump more volume of blood, so heart beats faster and pulse goes up, heart beats stronger and blood pressure goes up, and more liquid is added to the blood, dehydrating the rest of your body.
    • Between these two things (and don't forget that you're also evaporating sweat more quickly due to the lower water vapor pressure), if you're paying attention you will notice that you're always thirsty, and if you stop to think how much water you drank you'll be shocked. Please pay attention and drink LOTS of water.

  • 2-6 Weeks:
    • Lungs increase in size to help you take in more oxygen.
    • Build additional hemoglobin-containing red blood cells to help you absorb more of the oxygen in your lungs, and carry it to the cells.
    • Additional capillaries are grown throughout the body and/or existing arteries/veins/capillaries dilate in diameter to let oxygen get to the cells more readily.


I'm not finding any good info on the cause of the edema (increased fluids causes swelling and/or pressure) which can take place in the lungs (pulmonary edema), brain (cerebral edema), or even the extremities, but my guess is that when the body tries to pump more blood places it just goes overboard.

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My father's baffled by the gas shortage in NYC, so I cobbled together my best explanation of why, revised below.
  1. Right after the storm, early last week: NY Harbor closed to tankers. Some gas stations had no power so there was less gas to go around. There's a gasoline pipeline into NYC, which may have been barely enough to meet the demand at first. At this time the main demand for gas is to run generators where there's no power.

  2. A day or two after the storm, middle of last week: Those gas stations which did have power began running out of gas without sufficient resupply. Businesses reopen, but much of NYC public transit does not, increasing the usage of gas as people drive to work.

  3. End of last week: NY Harbor opened around Thursday last week, but it takes time for that gas to work its way into the system. Meanwhile, people driving to work are starting to need to gas up.

  4. Last weekend and early this week: More of the same, but panic buying sets in, which more than offsets the reduced need for gasoline for generators.

  5. Middle of this week: The gasoline pipeline into NYC suffers some sort of damage, and I think that was the straw that led Gov. Cuomo to ration gas in NYC and Long Island.

The NY Times seems to confirm aspects of my points 1-4.

Does anyone have things I left out, or different explanations?

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Etsy items

Jun. 14th, 2012 03:47 pm
I've listed a bunch of items in my Etsy shop which need to go before I move to Wyoming in August. Click on the images below for their listings. I encourage you to pass this info on to anyone else who'd be interested.

Knitted scarves/shawls )

Dresses )

Supplies )

I'm willing to bargain on prices, and if you don't want the item yourself but think my pricing is off, please let me know that too!

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Once in a while the webcomic Sinfest does a really awesome storyline. (FYI it's more typical to have stoners, horndogs, and puppy dogs, though they're usually done in a somewhat self-mocking manner.) Here's one such storyline pasted in its entirety.

The Sisterhood )

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My favorite X-Men: First Class trailer.

I may just need to go watch this movie in the theaters again.

New Yorkers

May. 6th, 2011 12:17 pm
Linked by [ profile] xoder on Twitter:

Movie filming w/ a simulated explosion at Cedar Grove Bch near Ebbitts St and Cedar Grove Ave (SI) 6P-11P today. FDNY/NYPD on site.!/NotifyNYC/status/66532543356346368

If anyone goes, I want to see photos. :)
q10 and seekingferret, you'll want to read this.

The US State Department is proposing a new Biographical Questionaire for everyone applying for a passport. The form would require all citizens to provide the name and contact info of all previous employers, the address of all previous residences, and addresses of all immediate family members (parents, step parents, siblings) and their citizenship status. In addition, naturalized citizens will need to provide the address of their place of birth, and anyone not born in a medical facility will also need to provide their mother's residence a year before and after your birth (presumably so the government can track those citizen children of fence-hoppers who wish to travel abroad), and contact info for witnesses (presumably so the government can strip your citizenship if you don't provide the info or if they're illegal immigrants who the government can bully into recanting the story of your birth in the US).

A lot more info is available here, including the full form and links to submit comments:

The comment I submitted:
The information requested by this document is ridiculous, and the gathering of the information is prohibitively difficult to obtain.  I am only 33 years old, but I have had six employers in five different states and it would take me around an hour to track down all their contact information. In addition I have lived at somewhere between 10 and 20 different residences and it is not possible for me to find all those addresses.  This high number of jobs and residences is primarily a result of my being in academia, and this form is systematically biased against academics and will stifle international cooperation and research as a result.  In addition, it will seriously hurt naturalized citizens and US-born citizens with foreign parents.  There is no need for this level of detail unless the government is deliberately attempting to prevent the movement of it's citizens, in violation of the UN charter of basic human rights.  

Edit: There is some question about whether this policy might only apply to people unable to provide traditional forms of proof of US citizenship, or whether it would really be all US citizens looking for a passport. There is also some question about the validity of the supposed form hosted at the above link. Unfortunately the .gov website doesn't actually contain any information about what it is we're supposed to be commenting on - what is the form, who would it apply to, etc.
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I also have an account on DW under the same name (though I haven't really used it at all), or you can find me on twitter under the same name as well.
If you can't give big, give small.

  • Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross
  • Shop Amazon using this link to donate 4%+ to Mercy Corps. (Mercy Corps gets a referral bonus of at least 4%, depending upon how much you spend.)

If you have other good links for small donations, let me know and I'll add them.

And if you can't give small, pass this information on.
If you have an account at Etsy, either for selling or buying, I suggest you log in, go to settings, and change your privacy settings. Everything you do (buy, sell, rate) is now publicly viewable and is being logged in search engines, including associating your real life name (if entered) with your username.


Dec. 11th, 2010 12:31 pm
I bought a couple cornish game hens to make a small chicken soup with. They're about the size of, oh, a nanday or mitred conure. Bigger than a cockatiel, smaller than a gray.

I wonder, when the Carolina parakeet was hunted to extinction, I wonder how they tasted? There was no reason at all for their hunters to not eat them.

How sad, Wikipedia says the Carolina parakeets tended to flock around their dead.

Also sad, the binomial name for Carolina parakeets is conuropsis carolinensis, and the genus conuropsis is today called aratinga Kappa is an aratinga weddellii (Dusky conure). Aratinga solstitialii (sun conures) were just proclaimed an endangered species within the last 2 years or so.

η: Link to some up-close photos of a Carolina parakeet and a passenger pigeon in the Duke University collection. Don't click that link if images of dead birds squick you out.
Everybody needs a wrapped Christmas cat.

I'm on my iPad and embedding's a bitch, so you'll just have to follow that link to see the most patient cat ever get wrapped up with a bow on top.
I know there are people on my flist who would watch The Walking Dead, or will watch it in the future. I also know there are people on my flist who would appreciate a warning about triggers.
So below I have listed the type of trigger in two particular episodes, recommendations on how to skip it, and attempt to give a minimum of spoilers in the process.

Cut for triggers and/or spoilers. )



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