Every time this Mac desktop cycles through on my iMac, I do not scream.

Mac desktop flamingoes!

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Anyone want to talk me through connecting my Plantronics bluetooth headset to my Mac? My Mac's not discovering it.
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Somebody on my flist posted a program that would let me see where all my memory is being allocated on my Mac. The problem is that I've got only a couple Gigs of HD space left (used 89 Gigs of 93), and I just moved all my document files off onto an external HD, and that was only 2-4 Gigs. So I want to know if the rest are images, audio, programs I don't use, or what. Help!
Have I mentioned that I'm the statistical outlier when it comes to Macs and problems? I'm the one person that keeps their reliability record from being 100%. I've had enough problems to make up for everybody.

So the current problem: My airport (wireless card) is having issues. It will suddenly say there's no wireless signal - not from my router, nor any of the numerous other routers around. Other computers sitting right next to mine will have no problem at all. Turning the airport off and then on does not solve the problem, only a restart solves it, and only for the next 10-24 hours (this is happening up to twice a day). It's possible this's related to my past problems w/ my parents' router, but as I'm in a different state there's no way to confirm, and I did not see that particular behavior anywhere but there.

I tried looking through Apple's Support pages, but having difficulty finding anything specifically related to this - if you do find something, or have other ideas, let me know.
...how to sync my Google Calendar and iCal.

And why don't they call it GCal?
I'm looking for a open source or otherwise free webpage editing software for Macs. I don't need anything as fancy as Dreamweaver, something like Netscape Composer would be fine (if it still exists). I just don't want to keep having to use MS Word. It outputs the crappiest html code I've ever had the misfortune of laying eyes upon. Besides, it uses stupid symbols for bullet points and quotation marks that then don't display properly when I upload my syllabus to Blackboard.

Internets, help me!
How do I create a .pdf "printer" (on a Mac) so that I can use it in Automator as the printer I wish to print to? I'm under the impression that "CUPS" is part of the process... Basically, I sitll can't find a way to use automator to take 20+ Word files and save/print them as .pdf files.
I use a Mac. I have some 20-ish .doc files that I want to print to / save as .pdf . Obviously the best way to do this is to have Automator open the 20-ish files, and print as .pdf . WHY CAN'T I DO THIS?!?!?! There is an Automator option to print files to any physical printer (under Finder). There's an option to open the files in any program. There isn't any option to save as pdf or print to pdf, or to take useful actions within Word. WTH?

Anything else I can do rather than do each one by hand?
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My dad's found this Motorola bluetooth headphones. I wish to use it with my computer. Reviews on Amazon say that I have to have A2DP on my computer, or Bluetooth 1.2 in order for them to work in stereo.

I have a MacBook and it says I have "Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 1.9.5f4". Will it work?
I bought a .wma player - SanDisk's "Sensa Clip" 1GB for $40. I figured that buying multiple audio books will cost lots more than that, so why not?

I couldn't install the OverDrive program on my PC b/c I needed an internet connection to download the other parts of OD. So I shlepped the PC out to the living room where I could actually wire it into the router. Have I mentioned it's so old it barely is able to handle WinXP? And by "barely" I think I now mean "it doesn't". Crashed Windows Explorer multiple times. No programs really want to run, whether Windows Media Player (tried to burn CDs), or the OD program (to transfer the files). So I installed upgrades, crashed a few more times, updated virus scans, locked up the screen for long delays, am currently defragging everything and will do a scan disk next.

Meanwhile I plugged the .wma unit into my laptop, transferred the files (via drag'n'drop) from my USB thumb drive to the unit, and am now charging it - I can't actually *play* them yet b/c the stupid thing needs an OK from Overdrive or another Windows box to tell it it's allowed to play them. Friggin'. I only have the books "checked out" for another few days, what do you want to bet I'm not allowed to play them after that date, even though I transferred them? So since the PC is still puking all over the place, and I'm going to campus (over Break!) for a meeting tomorrow anyway, I'll try plugging the thing in to my work PC and see if it'll play nice.

Meanwhile the Roomba is either sick or on drugs, as he's making small circles in reverse, as opposed to actually vacuuming a room. T$'s turn to call that one in.
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How do I do this for free? I have a Mac. I thought Flip4Mac would let me do it via Quicktime, but apparently not.

New iPod!

Nov. 24th, 2007 01:16 pm
My Dad got me a new iPod - 160 GB Classic. Awesome. Now I want to know two things.

1) I use a Mac. I have a few .wmv videos that I watch in Quicktime using the free "flip4mac" or whatever it's called plug-in. How can I, for free, convert these into either .mp4 for uploading into the iPod, or into .mov so iTunes can convert them?

2) Anywhere to download a bunch of .mp4 music videos for my iPod?
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Is there any way (easy preferred) to view upload/download speeds on a Mac? On PCs you can just mouseover an icon in the toolbar. On Macs, I haven't found any way at all.
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Link via [livejournal.com profile] ethereal. See Will It Blend.com for more videos, and it's all a big ad for Blendtec blenders.
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The next thing Apple should do with its laptops if they keep doing the shove-it-in disk drives, is have a little light on the case next to the keyboard above the drive so you can tell without needing to see your desktop if there's a disk already in the drive. Even when you're doing things right the disk takes more force than I'd like to go in, and I'm sure a number of people have shoved disks into full drives b/c they couldn't tell something was already in there.
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I glanced at it briefly at Best Buy yesterday, and didn't see anything on it that OSX doesn't already do, but in a more matter-of-fact (i.e., less showy) manner. However, if you want to see someone else's creative review of it, then clicky-clicky! It's really good writing. Clicky-clicky even if you don't care a whit about OS's.
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Genre tags.

Is this even something that mp3's can do? Maybe could do some finangling like have it recognize that "-/-" means "these are separate tags" so if I wanted to mark something as being BOTH 80's and Dance, I'd type "80s-/-Dance" and it'd know that on my iPod the file should appear under both, and not exclusively under the hybrid genre (as it does now).


Dec. 9th, 2006 02:38 pm
So now that I've got a Macbook w/ a built in camera, what do I need to do so I can have a Gabe-cam? :-P I was hoping I could use Automator to have Photobooth take a photo every hour and upload it to server space I have, but Automator can't seem to run Photobooth. Anyone know Macs and stuff better than I? I know there's such a thing as a "chron job" that I could write to have happen in unix to upload the files, but I don't know about actually taking the picture.
When burning an mp3 CD in iTunes 7, if you have the playlist sorted on the artist name or album name, iTunes will automatically create folders and subfolders on the CD. [ref] This unfortunately is not readable on many mp3 CD players (including my car). To not do the folders, sort either on time, song title, or song order (first column, unnamed, and ordered by default by when you added it to the list though you can reorder them), and then burn.

If you really really want them sorted by artist or album but without folders, first create a dummy playlist. In the real playlist, sort by artist or album, then select all (Cmnd-A) and drag into the dummy playlist. Delete the original playlist and rename the dummy to the name you want. When you sort on song number, it should be the same order as when you dragged into it.



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