OMG, I finally "get" knitting! Thanks so much to [ profile] soapfaerie and [ profile] the_xtina who made it possible! If [ profile] soapfaerie hadn't sent me the "ingredients," I would've sat on my @$$ forever before getting started on this. And [ profile] the_xtina, one thing that made clear to me through it's many videos on how to do the exact same thing, is that there really ARE many ways to do each thing. By comparing the "suggested" video with the book [ profile] soapfaerie sent me, I was able to put together a 3-D image in my head of which string is going where, and realized that I didn't have to hold the string like either was showing me and could instead do it the way I was used to doing for macrame (friendship bracelets) with only very minor modifications, so what looked to me (in my previous attempts at knitting) like a Gordian knot of sixteen steps for each individual stitch, is now just one or two steps!

Next step: learn purl. :-P Maybe I'll change my mind about the ease of this now... But thanks so much guys!

Edit: OMG, purl is so much harder! Not impossible, but significantly more difficult. I think it'll take me a few rows to feel comfortable with this one. Then I'll get to switch it up! I want to learn cables and braids - I'm going to need to buy more stuff for that.
I realized that I was starting to fill other's wishes that took little or no money, so I might as well put up a couple of mine.

Directions for this meme )

My wishes:

  1. gift certificates

  2. Heifer International Chicken donations

  3. An icon that can serve dual purpose for "money" and "rampant consumerism".

  4. Knitting Lessons Thanks to [ profile] the_xtina and [ profile] soapfaerie, I can update this to: various knitting gear, like for circular things, and for doing those cable braids.

  5. Music - I'll listen to most things once if they're free, but in general I like alt/rock/pop w/ good vocals, dance music (I don't have much of this), and geek rock. Check if I already have them. This time of year I also like choral Christmas carols, Manheim Steamroller (I need more, I don't have any!), and seasonal classical music.

  6. Various other small/medium purchases from my MetaWishlist

  7. Stamps to use - I find it a pain to buy stamps, and I like interesting ones. I save old ones too, usually using all but one, and I still send old stamps in combinations to make up the current denomination of postage

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