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Jul. 17th, 2011 02:40 pm
I was asked about iPad apps. If my iPad (and computer backup) were wiped today, these are the ones I'd be sure to get again. In the games category, I've only included the ones that seem to be standing the test of time. What apps do you feel are essential?

- Neu.annotate (free) - PDF reader that lets you jot notes in the margins
- Wikipanion (free) - Wikipedia access in a prettier view, but can't edit and can only see one page at a time
- NASA (free) - lets you see the APOD, mission info, and lots more
- Exoplanet (free) - stats on each new exoplanet discovered
- Wolfram Alpha (paid)
- Show Me (free) - minimalist screen casting 
- Skype (free)
- PCalc Lite (free) - scientific calculator
- Dropbox (free) - lets you share documents across multiple computers

- Twitter (free) or Tweetdeck (free) - Tweetdeck is better for multiple account support, but some installs are buggy

- Words with friends (free or paid) - scrabble, I'm Zandperl of course
- Enjoy Sudoku (paid) or :) sudoku (free) - (icon is the Thinker statue) - great interface for solving sudokus, and hints to help you improve

- Accuweather (free)
I have 24 .png files that I want to wrap into a single 24-page .pdf file without losing image resolution (as I would if I pasted the .png files into 24 pages of a Word document and then .pdf printed on my Mac). Any way I can do this for free and legally? I currently have access to both PC, Mac, and linux on a very slow computer; I have a slight preference for Mac.
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Somebody on my flist posted a program that would let me see where all my memory is being allocated on my Mac. The problem is that I've got only a couple Gigs of HD space left (used 89 Gigs of 93), and I just moved all my document files off onto an external HD, and that was only 2-4 Gigs. So I want to know if the rest are images, audio, programs I don't use, or what. Help!


Aug. 19th, 2008 08:01 am
Anybody else been getting stupid messages from random people on AIM/iChat such as "Are you going to die?" or "Have you lied to your children today?" I got the former the other day, and the person said he got the latter from me; neither of us had actually sent it. Today I got the latter. It totally sounds like a virus or something, except that I thought there weren't really any Mac viruses out there.
Have I mentioned that I'm the statistical outlier when it comes to Macs and problems? I'm the one person that keeps their reliability record from being 100%. I've had enough problems to make up for everybody.

So the current problem: My airport (wireless card) is having issues. It will suddenly say there's no wireless signal - not from my router, nor any of the numerous other routers around. Other computers sitting right next to mine will have no problem at all. Turning the airport off and then on does not solve the problem, only a restart solves it, and only for the next 10-24 hours (this is happening up to twice a day). It's possible this's related to my past problems w/ my parents' router, but as I'm in a different state there's no way to confirm, and I did not see that particular behavior anywhere but there.

I tried looking through Apple's Support pages, but having difficulty finding anything specifically related to this - if you do find something, or have other ideas, let me know.
...how to sync my Google Calendar and iCal.

And why don't they call it GCal?
I'm looking for a open source or otherwise free webpage editing software for Macs. I don't need anything as fancy as Dreamweaver, something like Netscape Composer would be fine (if it still exists). I just don't want to keep having to use MS Word. It outputs the crappiest html code I've ever had the misfortune of laying eyes upon. Besides, it uses stupid symbols for bullet points and quotation marks that then don't display properly when I upload my syllabus to Blackboard.

Internets, help me!


Jun. 15th, 2008 10:52 am
Great, just two days after I order a small Wacom tablet from NewEgg.com, Woot.com offers a bigger one for a third the price. The one I ordered from NewEgg was a Wacom 5.8"x3.7", $109.99, $7.05 shipping one way, 15% restocking fee, so returning it would likely cost me $30.60. Woot is offering a DigiPro 8"x6", $32.99, $5 shipping one way, so $37.99 total.

One thought I had was to get both, test them out, and return the worse. Another was to simply return the Wacom/NewEgg when it arrives and suck up the cost difference. I did order the DigiPro/Woot, and right now I'm leaning towards playing with them both and gifting the worse to a friend for whom I'd been toying with getting a tablet for a while.

Fsck MS

Jun. 7th, 2008 01:59 pm
Anyone know where I can find a MS Office 2007 Compatibility Pack for MS Office 2004 for Mac? I found one once, installed it, and turns out it's a trial version and it uninstalled itself a couple months later and I cannot find another one, leaving me unable to read .docx files, which are the default on my campus. And I'm taking an online course this summer and people keep stupidly posting more .docx files.
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I want to set up a webcam to remotely watch my bird. (Kappa's a camera whore.) I don't have a computer located near the cage so I want this to either wirelessly connect to my Mac, or wirelessly connect to my router. I want it to automatically upload one photo every five minutes (or some other interval) to some host or other (I'm looking for recommendations there too).

Is this possible? If so, how?
How do I create a .pdf "printer" (on a Mac) so that I can use it in Automator as the printer I wish to print to? I'm under the impression that "CUPS" is part of the process... Basically, I sitll can't find a way to use automator to take 20+ Word files and save/print them as .pdf files.
I use a Mac. I have some 20-ish .doc files that I want to print to / save as .pdf . Obviously the best way to do this is to have Automator open the 20-ish files, and print as .pdf . WHY CAN'T I DO THIS?!?!?! There is an Automator option to print files to any physical printer (under Finder). There's an option to open the files in any program. There isn't any option to save as pdf or print to pdf, or to take useful actions within Word. WTH?

Anything else I can do rather than do each one by hand?
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Today's Woot is an HP AMD PC. I want a new Windows computer for video games. Is this one worth it?
Anyone know of a good free piece of PC software to restore music from an iPod? Minimum would be download the files back onto the computer; ideal would also import them into iTunes, with playcount and ratings, put them in a proper "My Music" file system, etc. etc. I'm looking for my dad, as I myself don't use PCs and so can't recommend something.

Edit: And no annoying "this is a free trial, click this button to do the next 4 songs, repeat" crap.

New iPod!

Nov. 24th, 2007 01:16 pm
My Dad got me a new iPod - 160 GB Classic. Awesome. Now I want to know two things.

1) I use a Mac. I have a few .wmv videos that I watch in Quicktime using the free "flip4mac" or whatever it's called plug-in. How can I, for free, convert these into either .mp4 for uploading into the iPod, or into .mov so iTunes can convert them?

2) Anywhere to download a bunch of .mp4 music videos for my iPod?
I have an MS Word file w/ a table in it. One column is people's names, another is their email addresses. I need to put either the email addresses or names in to web access for Outlook with semicolon separations. If I copy and paste either column unformatted, I get carriage returns at the end of each entry, rather than semicolons. Is there an easy way to change the returns into semicolons in MS Word? It doesn't seem to be possible to do a find an replace on a return. There's 600 entries so while it's *possible* to do by hand, it's *not* a good choice.
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Is there any way to monitor the total traffic on my wireless network, not just my own computer, w/o going to my upstairs neighbors and asking them what they're doing? My reason is that when I upload images to Flickr, it clogs the entire network, so I'd rather do this when I know they're not using the network. By default, during the M-F workday is safe, as usually no one but me is home then, but I'd like to know more directly.

ETA: I'm using a Mac

ETAA: I'm using Flickr Uploadr, and another option might be to limit its bandwidth. Does it use a different port from Firefox, and if so how can I figure that out and restrict it? I found that HTTP uses port 80, and have set it to high priority in the router. How can I find the port for a different application (Uploadr) so that I can set it to low priority? (Alternatively, I could just set this whole computer to low priority, but I'd rather not.)
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I'm looking for a pair of bluetooth stereo headphones so I can listen to my computer's music while not sitting in front of my computer. I'd be interested in knowing the headphones' sound quality, range (is bluetooth only line of sight?), comfort, power source, and battery life.
Okay, maybe not entirely w/o LJ...

In our home network, we have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router named "Highlanders" plugged into the cable modem in the living room. On the entire opposite side of the house in the office we have a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router named "Bub". Highlanders' signal is intermittantly spotty in the office where Bub is located, so it would be nice to have Bub act as a repeater. What makes it even more important to be able to do is that my desktop in my office does not have wireless, and therefore has an ethernet cable physically connected to Bub, sitting next to it. It cannot get on the internet as of yet, since Bub is not connected to the internet. The final incentive is that also connected to Bub is a network printer (Brother, though it shouldn't make a difference); I can currently print to it from a laptop anywhere in the house by disconnecting from Highlanders and connecting to Bub and then printing.

What I want is for Bub to be some sort of clone or repeater for Highlanders. Ideally I do not want to see the name Bub at all, I just want to see Highlanders everywhere I am standing, and if the signal from the Highlanders connected to the cable modem is too weak, I want laptops to automatically switch over to Highlanders' in the office. Our laptops are all Macs (2 on OS X.4, two on OS X.3), but I also want PCs to be able to see it (since we have no clue what our upstairs neighbors have and they use it too), and the we want the network to remain wide open. I'm also willing to swap Bub and Highlanders, if that would be easier (since they're different models).

I am guessing there is some setting on Bub that will allow me to clone/repeat the Highlanders network, but I haven't found it yet. A halfway solution would tell me the keywords to look for in Bub's settings, a half-assed solution would tell me keywords to look for online - I've already googled it, and while this appears to be exactly the same question as mine, in exactly the same order, with exactly the same lack of an answer and/or confusion (I don't understand this linked page) that I currently have. A good solution would tell me step-by-step where to go in the menus of the two routers.
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Link via [livejournal.com profile] ethereal. See Will It Blend.com for more videos, and it's all a big ad for Blendtec blenders.



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