Jun. 8th, 2007

FYI, a Texas lab has found lethal (to cats) doses of acetaminophen (Tylenol) in cat food. Apparently Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach is affected among others, but I don't know specific others. At the levels of acetaminophen measured, a cat eating a 100g can of contaminated cat food would have a 50/50 chance of dying w/in 4 days. Acetaminophen is apparently *quite* toxic to cats, essentially stopping their blood's hemoglobin from being able to carry oxygen.


Again, I don't have a list of the actual products, and there hasn't been any recall.

For your entertainment, on the page I found it, it said "Vector physics in real life. From 'Trivia no Izumi' (Fountain of Trivia), the same Japanese show that figured out how heavy a fish Dora cat can carry."

For your edification, what's happening is the truck is driving forward (left) at 100km/hr, while the ball is being shot backwards (right) at (-)100km/hr relative to the truck. Note in particular the strobe effect photos of the ball shot from a stationary truck at 1:40, and the ball shot from the moving truck at 3:50. Also note that while the ball falls it drifts forward slightly, this could be due either to a mismatch in velocities or due to drafting (wind following the motion of the truck), and after it impacts the ground it bounces forward significantly, probably due to spin ("English") on the ball or possibly due to drafting (since the video is sped back up we can't tell how fast it's moving forward compared to while it was falling).

Link c/o [livejournal.com profile] hitchhiker.
Regarding the "What do teachers make?" video that I posted, [livejournal.com profile] jrtom found a transcription of it on Taylor Mali's website, provided below. [And just because I'm anal, my own corrections/additions (for the version linked, I expect he's done it multiple times) are in brackets.]

What Teachers Make )
I'm going to be doing a purge of my friendslist in the next few days or weeks. If you don't comment on my entries and I don't comment on yours, you can expect to be removed. If you're on any of my custom filters (including people I have met or soon will meet in person, people who've figured out who I am or could easily, people with whom I've had interesting conversations on controvertial topics, and people I trust not to spill the beans when I blab about nerd camp or academia), you will not be removed.

This is not intended as a personal insult or attack, insult or attack on your writing style, nor to give offense in any other manner. (People take LJ-friending too damned personally.) This *IS* intended as a time saver on my part, with the added benefit of removing privledged access to friendslocked posts from people who I don't actually know anything about even virtually.

If I remove you and you feel hurt or would otherwise rather I left you as a friend, or even if you *want* me to unfriend you, please let me know.



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