In cleaning out a box of old crap, I discovered a few college essays I wrote. It would have been 1995-1996, and I 17 or 18 years old. I think they were for the college I did attend, as I recall culling more of them once before (though I specifically recall my Honors essay was about the lights of Shea Stadium, and is not in this batch). I wrote them on a word processor that my Mom gave me after she got a better one and I proved to her I could touch-type (it was my reward for learning to touch type). You would type one line at a time, you could edit that one line, and then it would do that one line as typewriter would. The pages are yellowed, except for some areas with white-out. The font is Courier New, because that's what typewriters can do, and despite it being a "word processor," it simply stored one line at a time and then used typewriter keys to rapidly type that single line out. Each page has the page number typed in, presumably manually, - 1 - , etc. The backs of the pages are photocopies of prints from a book of Escher's work, a letter from RIT about their Physics department that must have been in response to an inquiry I wrote, a page of trite homilies about friendship, and a parental signature page (unsigned) for my high school's Jewish Cultural Awareness Club trip from NYC to the US Holocaust museum.

The subject of "Chapter 8" and "Questioning" probably took place when I was around 14. The astute reader will notice that I fictionalized the sequence at the end of Chapter 8 to make it read better. Titles added now for convenience of referral.

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I just reread Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (first read in high school). The edition I had included two afterwords, one of which discusses some letters he received from readers in this and other books of his. A number of these letters, he says, criticize his treatment (or lack thereof) of blacks and women. Bradbury harshly rebuts that this is the first step of censorship, and that changing his works to appease the many different minorities present in a large and populous society such as ours would be changing the essence of his pieces and would destroy his artistic creation. Unfortunately the afterword is still under copyright so I'm not easily finding the relevant text - anyone happen to have a link?

I'm disappointed by this attitude. Bradbury lumps underprivleged minorities (such as blacks and women) with privileged or neutral "minorities" such as dog lovers. He doesn't show understanding of the distinction between elective special interest groups, and minority status imposed upon one by society, and he also doesn't show understanding of the privilege/status/power involved in the involuntary minority statuses. He also doesn't show any interest in increased inclusivism in future works, applying the criticisms only to past completed works - altering completed works wouldn't be right IMO, but I do feel it is worthwhile to portray a more ideal society in pieces one writes in the future, without as many boundary lines of privilege between different members of society.

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H. P. Lovecraft

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Is it bad if the block of text I used for this was a union email I sent to all my members?
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Working on my primary NaNoWriMo story since I finished the short story. I realized my brain was dry and I wasn't coming up with good names for my characters, so I turned to online name generators. All the names sounded too bland, so I picked Irish from the dropdown menu. Then I realized I'd only been picking white names, so I found me a nice Hispanic name. Then I wanted something else for my last character and decided I wanted part of the name Asian, and part Islamic, mostly for variety. I could retcon that this hodge-podge fits her do-anything character, or that it demonstrates the genetic mixing that takes place in a fixed population, but really I just wanted something new. I posted to the NaNoWriMo forums b/c I was having a hard time finding an Islamic name generator online, and the Asian names I found were either androgynous (to American me) or else were stupid anglicisms like "Beautiful Tree" or "Strong Wind". I got a bunch of helpul replies too, and then I got this one.

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Nov. 3rd, 2009 08:36 am
I'm going to try it, though not aggressively (I want to write, I don't necessarily want to write a novel). I'm zandperl. I'm starting off with finishing a supposedly short story that I started this summer.

Edit: Anyone know why people can't find me in a search? I don't see a setting for this that I've blocked or something.

Edit again: This should link to my profile.
  1. Organize photos. No progress.

  2. Record singing - Recorded a a couple.

  3. Road trip to Philly - Thinking about around 4 days taking place sometime in the range of July 24 - August 10 (Note to [ profile] ayashi/[ profile] kelsin: When's your wedding, again? Thanks!)

  4. Visit the crater photography exhibit - FAIL, it closed June 6, not July 6

  5. Learn programming - in progress, working on "The C Programming Language"

  6. Inbox 0 - doing pretty well with the work inbox.

  7. New: Creative writing - found some old pieces that I'm transcribing, and wrote a fanfic.

Watched the original Terminator movie all the way through for the first time. (I'd seen bits and pieces of it, but never the whole thing in a single sitting.) Because I love time travel and paradoces, a piece of fanfic came to me. Spoilers for the original Terminator movie of course, and perhaps for other random bits of movies or bits of the TV series as well.

Sarah Connor is Dead )

I'd appreciate feedback, especially stylistic (for example, I have a specific usage of tense here that I think is confusing and I'd like to know if it is and how to improve it w/o messing up the intent), and continuity (it doesn't need to be 100% accurate b/c of the time travel, but I at least want it plausible). (Anybody have greater detail of Martin Bedell's death as portrayed in "Goodbye to All That" than is in the Terminator Wiki? I want to reference it further but haven't actually seen any of the Sarah Connor Chronicles.) Any other constructive criticism you may wish to provide is also welcome.
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I seem to recall reading in someone's LJ, most likely [ profile] datan0de's, the possibility that the Terminator and Matrix series could theoretically be the same universe / continuity. Anyone care to discuss further or have places to point me to read about others discussing it further?

I just watched the original Terminator, and it's got me wanting to write fanfic - I haven't done creative writing in forever.


Aug. 12th, 2007 10:51 am
For my next copious free time project, I will start converting a milk-crate's-worth of scrawled notes and formerly typed completed short stories into again-typed short stories posted on LJ. I was surprisingly prolific when younger, now I want to do something with it all. I found a few unfinished stories that frustrate me b/c I want to know how they end - mayhaps I'll invite ideas from others.

While I'm thinking of it, in the various LJ/6A fandom Deletegate shitstorms, did they tag anyone for deletion based upon material that was posted behind a friendslock? As I understand it, the community or account had to be tagged by someone, so my small audience to start, combined w/ putting anything potentially questionable behind a friendslock (which even further weeds down the potential audience) should keep me safe. (Not that I have all that much questionable, but I did find one story about a recovering child murderer, a story which was even published in my HS Sci/Fan journal.) I'll probably friendslock everything anyway to keep the copyright infringement down.



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